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114 year old woman "fakes" age to join Facebook - Techpurge 114 year old woman "fakes" age to join Facebook - Techpurge
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114 year old woman “fakes” age to join Facebook

A woman who was born in 1900 had to lie about her age in order to join Facebook. Facebook apparently provides for dates of birth beginning 1905 and not earlier. She was forced to lie about her age as being 99 years old after her ideal age bounced back as invalid on Facebook.

Meet Anna Stoehr, the oldest woman in Minnesota state, and one of the oldest women in the world. She is approaching her 114th birthday. It’s actually very interesting to see a person who was born before the two world wars actually join Facebook. And for that we have to thank the new relationship between her and a Verizon Sales rep called Joseph Ramireza.

Anna Stoehr 1

Verizon Sales rep helping Anna Stoehr to use her brand new iPad.

Born in a family where no one had a phone or electric lights or a car, Anna Stoehr is in the process of learning how to use her new iPad, and in a few days she will be face-timing with her friends and beloved ones from her retiring facility.

An organization that tracks supercentenarians lists her as the 7th oldest person in America, just two years younger than the oldest – a 116-year-old woman living in Arkansas. Supercentenarians according to Wikipedia are people who live a life typically free of major age-related diseases until shortly before maximum human lifespan is reached between 110 and 115 years.

Anna Stoehr

Anna Stoehr chatting with 85-year-old son Harlan Stoehr

Her son, Harlan Stoehr is 85 years young and had the following to say about his mother’s new found interest in technology:

That’s an aspect of my mom, she’s been curious about everything all her life and continues to be curious.

Anna’s friends and family will help her celebrate her 114th birthday with a party this Sunday at Green Prairie Place, Anna’s senior community in Plainview.