themes 2.0 features new sharing and optimization features has been updated in what the company calls 2.0 release. The newest version of now features sharing tools and is purposely made to enable you work across your task list as well as connect with your family or colleagues at work to complete relative tasks.

With the release of the new updates, you can now instantly share and communicate with your family about various tasks making it easy to update notes and add a new task while making it possible for your family to see these changes. notes

The same updates have taken effect on work teams, entrepreneurs and professionals that rely on this to-do mobile app. With new communication features, file sharing and project-centered collaboration features, will now enable work teams to keep track of all the project-related discussions. This way all the members of the team are up-to-date on the latest in the task list among other updates. collaborate

Dropbox has also been integrated into the mobile app for the first time to allow you to share a file (maximum size 5 MB) to any task, all it takes is a couple of clicks and you are done. You could share recorded audio, videos, images, to any task and your group or family will be able to see the file and any other updates you make on the task list. To share more than 5 MB files, you are required to upgrade to premium. Upgrading to premium also delivers more of every feature. has put up an offer for people who will decide to upgrade within the 14 days. You get to upgrade for $3 a month or $27 per year. After the next 14 days the charges will revert to the normal $5 per month or $45 per year.

Introducing custom backgrounds, Any.d0 2.0 release allows you to change the background color of your app to match the most suitable color for you. This actually addresses one of our complaints posted in the review of the app about there being only two color schemes, black and white. So apparently with today’s new updates you can select a favorite scheme from various themes.

If you missed our mobile app review, do check it out to discover more things you could do with the to-do app coupled together with the features introduced in today’s release:, the best way to plan your day and stay on top of your daily tasks

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