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If you are alive now in this millennium, and are from this planet, chances are you’ve thought about becoming a professional blogger at least once in your life. Blogging has become the mainstream medium to gain ultimate freedom, not only while working, but in life in general. There are many great things you can gain while working as a professional blogger:

The Freedom of Time

Blog Away your free time

Time is one of the most craved luxuries of which we all run out of. When you are working a fixed hour job for an employer, time is out of your control. You are forced to make sacrifices to fit in your employer’s schedule. As a professional blogger you become the master of your time. You decide your working hours. You can design your own schedule, and finally catch up with sleep, hobbies and make time for your kids, pets, loved ones, or friends. The Monday dread becomes a thing of the past. You can take a vacation any time of the year, especially if you found a good last minute offer. If you are not a morning person and get bursts of inspiration as the sun sets, you can schedule your hours accordingly. More importantly, as soon as you start to manage time yourself, you start to become more organized, more efficient, and even more hard-working.

The Freedom of Expression

Express yourself on your own blog

As social beings we need to be heard. We crave attention and ardently seek approval. Blogging is the best way for anyone to express personal thoughts and explore creativity with an audience of seven billion people to pick from. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” Confucius said . As a blogger you do what you love and you can get paid for it. As a writer, you don’t have to pick a writing assignment given by your editor; as an activist or opinionator you don’t have to be restricted by rules and regulations of mainstream media. There is no box; there are no chains, only you and your thoughts, opinions and ideas. It is not too high a jump to infer that blogging and micro-blogging caused the Arab Spring. Freedom of speech is on your hands as a blogger, and freedom of creativity is at your fingertips. As an activist you can help change regimes, and even use anonymity to protect yourself from prosecution. There’s very little censorship or none at all. There’s an opportunity to share your work with the world, raw, without interference from editors, conventional media or critics. The world is your oyster.

Financial Freedom

Blog your way to moneyThe web might seem crowded now. You may think there’s no place for you. But the web is flux, and if you have a creative idea and you’re willing to put in the work, you can earn a living by simply blogging. Blogging withstands financial crisis, and doesn’t fear unemployment. Create a niche, be creative, learn from other bloggers’ success stories, and you’ll be able to go from a part time to a full time blogger. It takes a lot of hard work and patience, but by doing the right research and using tools such as Google Adsense, one can eventually earn a great living through blogging.


connect with peopleThe blogosphere is not a lonely place. You can find connection with people who share the same interests, hobbies, consume the same books, shows, films, music and products. Comments, backlinks and blogrolls interconnect and socially connect blogs to one another. There are also online communities that connect blogs and people together. As a professional blogger you can start to focus more on your interests, improve your abilities and skills, and even learn from other bloggers. You spend more time reading what others are writing about your interests during your working hours and you create connections with other bloggers and your followers, keeping an open line of communication.

15 minutes of Fame

And they don’t even have to be 15 minutes, as the web fame and fortuneexists almost in all space and time. You can micro-blog through tweets, or share content through instagram, tumbler, blogger, blogspot or other tools. You can also become a successful vloger through YouTube or any other social media. Whether you have interesting personal stories that sometimes you doodle like sWooZie, like to create funny clips with your friends like nigahiga or if you inadvertently become a famous meme like Laina, the Overly Attached Girlfriend, YouTube and the blogosphere become your open stage.

There is a lot to gain and nothing to lose if you want to become a professional blogger. The key is to be unique, work hard, be lucky, patient, and all you gain is ultimate freedom.