iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Expected to Launch in 8 Colors

So its September 10th, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C release date. We are all waiting for 1pm Eastern Time to know what Apple has in store for us. Reliable reports claim that this time round you are not going to have the choice of black and white only. In our featured image above are the expected iPhone 5S devices to be released later today. The expected colors are black and metallic silver flanking the white device, which is basically Apple’s flagship color and on the other end  we have the gold iPhone 5S  model. Well, the colors for both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are going to be 8 in total.

The iPhone 5C which is going to be cheaper than the iPhone 5S, Apple’s standard iPhone, is expected to be launched in a total of 5 colors. Apple decided to stick with 5 colors which are usually featured in line with their iPods.

iphone 5C


The iPhone definitely looks different in plastic. We are used to the aluminium look. In the picture above that leaked during the pre-launch, the yellow, green, white, blue and pink iPhone cases shown here are very close to the 5th generation iPod touch.

The idea of launching these two iPhone brands today stems from the fact that Apple is actually targeting two markets at the same time. Call it pressure from other mobile giants mainly Samsung, which released the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 earlier last week, Apple is finally get right into the game. To produce something for everyone. The iPhone 5C is expected to target the people who need a cheaper iPhone with fun and bright colors, with an added advantage of elegant finishes. The iPhone 5S which is going to be the expensive model is coming in at a higher price for those who need the crème de la crème of design and functionality.

In a few hours we are going to know what exactly Apple has been cooking, precisely 1pm Eastern Time. Expect it to be awesome.