About TechPurge

Techpurge brings you the latest technology updates and news, software reviews for both Android OS and iOS, updates about gadgets, how-tos, guides and tips for managing your online business. Don’t miss the latest on social media trends. Our ECulture is there to bring you inspiring and hilarious technology information. Our startup section is set to inspire you to hit the road and give you more creativity in whatever thing you are doing. There are several startups but we shall be traversing the whole internet to make sure that we bring to you the latest and most inspiring, creative and intelligent startups.


Robbie Davidson

Robbie brings his talents and expertise to Techpurge.com through Kryptoz Media a company focusing on technology and the bitcoin industry. Integration of the latest Bitcoin news and recent developments is very important to Mr Davidson. Catch him on Twitter @MrRobbieD

Ian Mutuli

Ian is the brain behind Techpurge.com and the Founder. Thanks to his extremely high expectations on creativity and design, he inspired the site’s design and will be pushing towards making it better every day. He is a tech junkie and an architect who enjoys the mix of both worlds. When he is not reading and writing about tech, he is designing some really awesome architecture stuff, or taking coffee and playing with his 6 year old sister back at home. Catch him on Twitter @iantoz

Collins Mwadime

Half human, half machine. Collins is a programmer who completely is obsessed with how applications function. He tries to code as many apps per day, though he only actually manages to code one of those in like two months, well, because coding is not as easy as it sounds. It doesn’t even sound easy. Apart from coding, he consumes lots of tech news and likes to interpret them for people. He has a degree in Computer Science and is a Managing Editor. He is a big fan of Google Plus and you can get him here.

Hazary Nic

Hazary is that Apple guy. He joined Techpurge quite a while later after the founding of the site, but he has become a part of us, and a very integral one. He handles all Apple related news and sometimes likes to take over the site at night because he doesn’t like sleeping too early. He is an Architect and a web designer with a genius sense of design. @hazarynic

Tanjila Tabassum

She is the one responsible for growing our Social Media platforms. Mostly she loves to just chat with people about everything we report. Her socializing nature is quite a winner. She is an online marketing specialist with a degree in Computer Science.