iPhone 5C

Apple to discontinue iPhone 5C production in 2015

Apple’s experiment with plastic phones full of color hasn’t gone well with the company, investors and the Apple name. iPhone 5C, the product of that experiment, has not been spoken much about in a very long time. Now it turns out that Apple will completely discontinue the iPhone 5C in 2015 after the marketing period ends. 2 iPhones later, it is difficult to know how the iPhone 5C performed in the market over. However, it did flop after the first few weeks of production which led to Apple cutting production of the phone by half.

The iPhone 4S is also being scrapped off the market beginning around the same time. In fact, if you went buying the 4S on Apple’s website today you will find an option to buy the 8GB version only, for $450.

Apple’s culture has been to phase off older devices in order to create the market for the new ones. It is therefore a move to bolster the sales of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The 5S is also well in the cards and still very relevant. The 4S has been a victim of lags and under-performance following the last three updates to iOS. Currently, iOS 8 really works the 4S up. It only makes sense that the 4S may rest in peace.

Taiwan’s Industrial and Commercial Times has also said that it understands that Apple is not willing to continue the production of the 5C. That’s a second report on the same thing after KGI Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently said the same thing.

All iPhones sold in 2015 are expected to come packaged with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor for security. It is not clear if the iPhone 5 will also have this feature. Just in case you are still interested in the iPhone 4S, you can get larger internal storage from external websites like E-bay. The iPhone 5C might also go cheap in 2015 as Apple will be intending to clear stock so be on the lookout.