Apple ditching Google as default search engine

Apple’s contract with Google is coming close to an end. In 2015, the iPhone smartphone maker will be free to mingle with other search engines and rumor has it that it is very possible Apple could be totally ditching Google as the default search engine for Safari.

Currently, when you search for something on the Safari browser it redirects to Google search engine. Yahoo and Microsoft are both said to be in contention of Apple’s attention in this area. Both Bing and Yahoo are slightly contestants of worth but not as powerful as Google. Apple could also go for a search engine that is not famous which puts Yahoo, Microsoft and Google out of the question. In the past, there have been rumors that Apple was working on its own search engine and this could be another option.

However, as powerful as Apple may be, their decision to leave Google may not affect Google in any way especially because Google Chrome is more dominant on Apple’s devices than Safari. It is therefore pretty obvious that if Safari browser changed the default search, people will just download Google Chrome and use it anyway.

This news comes only a few days after Google broke up with Mozilla and was replaced by Yahoo. Now Yahoo is the default search engine on Mozilla in the US and this might end up rolling out worldwide.