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Apple to unveil iPhone 5S and 5C in September - Techpurge Apple to unveil iPhone 5S and 5C in September - Techpurge

Apple to unveil iPhone 5S and 5C in September

September 10th is closing in fast and people are definitely sitting tight waiting for the new iPhone 5S before they upgrade. Reliable sources from Apple have indicated that Apple will release two new iPhones on the same day. This is a first. Apple has never done this before and we are waiting eagerly for how this turns out. 

Apple will release the iPhone 5S and another iPhone dubbed iPhone 5C which is believed to come at a cheaper price for those who cannot afford the price of the iPhone 5 or 5S. Apple has never really considered releasing a cheap iPhone before, but with the pressure from other Mobile Phone giants like Samsung and HTC who produce something for everyone, Apple is bending.gold iphone 5s

The new iPhones may come in Gold, that’s another of the rumours flocking the internet as the release date for the iPhone nears. This is more of a surprise if it’s to happen because Apple has always believed in producing their iPhones in Black, White or Metallic Silver colours. Also, the new iPhone is rumoured to be released with a fingerprint reader.

If the two iPhones dubbed iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C will be released on September 10th, its something we are looking forward to considering that it’s the first time Apple will unveil two iPhones on the same date.

Let us know what you expect of this new iPhones in our comment section.