Apple – iPhone 6 2014-09-09 22-29-04

Apple’s Website Gets a Revamp

Apples main website has been the same for decades, holding onto a skeuomorphism design of the menu bar. Now flatness from iOS 7 design has spilled over to the website which now looks more elegant and thoughtful. The pages are as clear as possible with apple choosing to display the iPhone as you scroll.

Apple’s site has earned a reputation for it’s attractive brand identity and clean layouts. The biggest feature of Apple’s new web design is its flatness. Apple keeps it simple by using large areas of white space and big margins to focus on single areas of content.

Early 2014 look of the apple website

Early 2014 look of the apple website features a colour explosion and full page images

The speed at which the website changed was ultrafast as the new design was unveiled minutes after the keynote was done. Apple has unveiled two new iphones and an apple watch at the event. More details to follow