April Fools’ Day Technology Pranks

Tech companies are very innovative when it comes to a day like this.

Here are some of the funniest tech April Fools’ Day jokes from around the Web:

Twitter Helmet announced: Twitter joined in on the fun by announcing the Twitter Helmet, a wearable device that allows users to tweet by performing a “pecking” motion with their heads.

Google Maps Pokemon Challenge: Google Maps jokingly challenged users to collect 150 Pokemon to land a job as Google’s Pokemon Master. However, the navigation app really was updated to include a neat Pokemon mini-game in which users go around catching the cartoon characters.

Gmail Shelfies: I saw this on my email today though. Gmail took credit for starting the selfie trend for its April Fools’ joke. It also let users upload selfies, use them as their Gmail background pictures and share them with others as well, coining the term “Shelfies” in the process.

Sony Power Food: For its joke, Sony announced new Power Food, which is food that provides both you and your devices with energy. “Camera about to die while snapping photos at your daughter’s birthday party? Power up directly through the birthday cake — Sony Power Food Cake Mix comes in three delicious flavors: Vanilla, Classic Chocolate and Red Velvet,” the Japanese company’s satirical news release said.

YouTube 2014 viral trends: The Google-owned service joked it masterminds the trends we love, such as Gangnam Style and the Harlem Shake, and it jokingly unveiled its lineup of 2014 viral trends. This year, we have “Clocking,” the “Glub Glub Water Dance,” and “Kissing Dad.” And for the first time ever, YouTube also encouraged users to start their own trends.

This are just a few i collected from the web. Comment below on any other i may have not gotten.