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Argentinian ‘Super-hacker’ teen arrested for stealing $600,000 in a year. - Techpurge Argentinian ‘Super-hacker’ teen arrested for stealing $600,000 in a year. - Techpurge
A burglar opening a safe that is a computer screen

Argentinian ‘Super-hacker’ teen arrested for stealing $600,000 in a year.


The Argentine police have arrested a 19-year-old boy, son of an established IT engineer, as the main suspect in an electronic fraud ring. The fraud ring had managed to steal up to $600,000 in a year.

Analysts report that the teenager set up a technological cave of some sort at his home. Police found an array of sophisticated equipment at the teenager’s home.

The criminal minded teen is said to have diverted up to $50,000 monthly from gaming websites and online money transfer.

The move to arrest the teen was part of the so-called ‘Operation Zombie’. The  in depth manhunt began in 2012 after a businessman who happens to provide hosting services had discovered that a hacker was remotely accessing servers and intercepting money transfers.

It’s about this time that Argentina’s chief of police ordered a federal investigation. The results of this investigation were that the same person was stealing from numerous sites using the same tactics.

A statement from the countries security ministry said: “Internet users were victims of a ‘malware’ virus that the hacker hosted in a server for downloading online gaming applications.”

The Zombie operation is termed as so because the suspects used a network of dull (zombie) computers to launch a denial of service attack. The hackers bombarded the target servers causing them to temporarily crash, hence preventing the user from accessing their account during the hack.

The unnamed teen was initially detained in his home, in Buenos Aires in July. The arrest came after a series of police raids in the city of Rosario. The raids also resulted in the capture of six other suspects in the raids.

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