The art of self-snitching: one man Instagrams his way into 142 felony charges.

I guess it doesn’t matter how many time you tell people to be careful what they post on social networks, they just don’t listen, they may actually kid themselves that they are living dangerously; try stupidly.

Here is the case of one Depree Johnson, aged 19 and already has a history of going against the law.

Well am sure whatever the cops had on him before is nothing compared to what they have now. I mean 142 felony charges, really. Just because he couldn’t help but post images of himself with guns on Instagram. You would think that guns are in the list of things that should be concealed, not posted out in the world for everyone to see. Johnson’s Instagram account has now been shut down.

As it goes, a sheriff’s deputy in Palm Beach County was doing his usual online rounds, coz that’s what sheriff’s deputies do these days. And that’s when he came about Johnson’s account, hidden somewhere in the murky waters of the web.

The images pushed the deputy to seek a warrant to search Johnson’s premises. You see, convicted criminals aren’t exactly allowed to possess guns, and one of the images clearly shows Johnson with two.

The warrant was issued and the search was on. The police managed to find a loaded gun, which did not belong to Johnson, but some $250,000 worth of electronics, jewelry, not to mention other firearms. All of which allegedly did not belong to him either.

The evidence led the police to link Johnson with in some 40 burglaries from senior centers.




Am sure Johnson learnt that in life, just as on Instagram, you need to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, and know when to keep them out of the public eye altogether.

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