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The Best apps for Older people - Techpurge The Best apps for Older people - Techpurge
best apps for older people

The Best apps for Older people

For older people, it’s usually difficult to keep up with the fast paced environment we live in today especially with all the tech stuff. Mobile apps are developing and things are becoming better for the young person. However, for the older people there is a feeling of being left behind sometimes but all is not lost. A few weeks ago we featured Anna Stoehr who is trying to keep with the pace and learn new things as well as be able to use the gadgets that younger people use. In case you missed it, Anna Stoehr is a 114 year old woman who had to fake her age to join Facebook  because Facebook didn’t allow people born earlier than 1905 to join the giant social network. She was born in 1900 and recently celebrated her 114th birthday.

For Anna Stoehr and other people much younger but comparably much older than the fast paced generation, keeping up with the gadgets may be a hustle but its not impossible. Our friends at Home Care Technologies made an awesome infographic to show the best apps for older people. This is supposed to make things better and easier for the aging people to stay up-to speed with their health as well as entertainment. It’s also meant to make communication, surfing the web, reading and finding places of interest easier using apps that suit them best. For example, Pillboxie is an app that reminds you to take your medication, while Silver Surf is an app for the people aged above 50 to use for surfing the web thanks to its large navigation buttons, dynamic text zoom and high contrast viewing angles.

To find out the rest of the apps, check out the infographic below:



Loved the infographic? Share it with your friends and let us know via the comments section what other apps you would recommend for the older people to use.