Best Apps for Rooted Android phones

Rooted android phones have advantages to it, and great ones at that. We have looked at the reasons why you should consider rooting your android phone and as courtesy demands, we are giving you the best applications to run for various benefits to your phone, and Android experience. If you missed our article on the 5 master reasons of rooting your android smartphone, don’t forget to check it out.

One of the things we indicated was that rooting your android phone exposes your smartphone to several mobile apps that improve your experience using Android, as well as improves your battery life, phone speed and functionality. Some of the best apps that will see you get this packages are what we have listed for your here today;

1. Greenify (hibernates apps for better performance)

We have talked about this application before in our past articles on improving your battery life and increasing the phone’s speed. There are several task killer apps out there that people download everyday with the expectations that these task killers actually live to their promise. However, one thing people never realize is that task killer apps rarely improve your phone’s speed and response as much as they claim. There is a difference of course when you are using a task killer app and when you are not using one, and that difference is almost negligible. Why? Because when task killer apps kill running tasks in the background, these tasks are only dead for a while, maybe 5 minutes before they start running on their own again. Greenify does what the task killer apps cannot do.

Greenify hibernates all your apps and consequently background tasks. An application will only run when you tap to run it. After using it, it will be hibernated again until the next time you run that application. I realized a very big leap in my smartphone speed when i began using Greenify after rooting my android device. Unlike task killer apps, Greenify will have all these background tasks dead and cold at the back-end only until you run them.

Greenify - Rooted Android phones

2. Tasker (Automates every task on your phone)

So you wish your phone could “do X when Y happens”, right? Stop wishing because this time round your wish is a horse. Some very creative android developers have made it possible for you to automate everything on your phone. Or maybe almost everything. Using tasker, you can set your phone to automatically text your girlfriend when you alight that bus at a specific location, or you can set your Music app to automatically start playing music as soon as you connect your earphones. Even better… when that very loud friend of yours calls, you can set the Tasker app to automatically turn down the volume of your earpiece as you chat with them. Tasker application makes your phone an automatically self-controlling giant. You can automate every application on your phone to do something whenever something happens. I cannot explain just how much more this app can do for you, and if you are not convinced, maybe just read on.

You can ideally set your phone to change alarms every once in a while or at different hours of the day. You can set it to play music at a particular volume. When you are sleeping overnight, you can set your rooted android phone to go to airplane mode and it will keep reconnecting after every one hour or thirty minutes just to grab your messages before it goes back to airplane mode again. When it’s morning, it will reset back to normal networks. You can also check all your messages after waking up of course. The only flip-side though is that this is an app for sale. You can choose the 14-day trial version and test it. Later on, you can make a decision to purchase.

Tasker - Rooted android phones

3. CPU Tuner (overclock your phone for better performance, or under-clock it for better battery life)

You can accelerate your phone to get it’s full multitasking potential, or you can decelerate it at specific times to increase battery life. CPU Tuner is a very important free application for any android root user. It allows you to under-clock or overclock your CPU whenever you are using your phone for various functions. Functions like chatting via Whatsapp does not require a lot of processing power and energy from your phone, you can under-clock your CPU so that it doesn’t use too much energy running your Whatsapp application, that doesn’t mean you will lose anything chatting over with your friends. It just saves excess power. When your phone is on sleep mode or its charging, or when it overheats, you can set the CPU to work in various ways in favor of your smartphone. When you are running various functions like playing a very intensive game, chatting and maybe browsing among other things, you can overclock your CPU to work best so that your multitasking experience is nothing short of awesome.

CPU Tuner - Rooted android phones

4. AdBlock Plus (Blocks mobile Ads from various networks)

Even though Ad Block Plus was removed from Google Play Store, (for very malicious reasons), it’s still a very prominent application to android fans. With this application, you can block all incoming adverts from Google and other advertisers. It blocks adverts on your mobile apps, it filters and blocks ads through any Wifi or Mobile Network. If you fall among those people who hate advertisements on your phone and apps, this app for rooted android phones will enable you evade the annoying ads from Google and other advertisers.


5. Titanium Backup (Automated Backup for your phone, backup system apps and their data)

Titanium Backup functions only on rooted android phones and it’s a very efficient app. You can back up anything and everything. You can set this app to automatically back up your files, settings, apps, contacts and data records. Apart from backing up, this app helps you to uninstall those crappy apps that come with the manufacturer’s OS. Some of these default apps that come with the phone are so incompetent. Instead of filling up your space, take them off with Titanium Backup.

Titanium Backup - Rooted android phones

6. ROM Toolbox (An all-in-one solution to several issues on rooted android phones)

This is one of those apps that packs an all-in-one solution to very many issues on the android platform. Instead of installing 5 apps to do different things, you could chose ROM Toolbox and it will do all these 5 things or more just on its own. There are so many things that this application can do, if i started talking about the amazing things it can do, it will be long before i am done. But in summary,  you can use this app to Install ROMs & themes; Create, manage & restore nandroid backups; Wipe data, cache, Batch backup & restore apps and their data; Schedule backups to run at a certain time. These are not all, there are several things this application could do. So go get it.


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