The bra that won’t unhook unless its wearer is “in love”

A Japanese lingerie company Ravijour is in the works, developing  a bra that only unhooks when the wearer is “in love.”

Well, researchers have found a way to quantify the feeling, true love. According to the designers, true love happiness occurs while the body is secreting a substance called catecholamine, which happens to produce an instant boost in excitement.

So, once the woman feels the boost, the bra pops open and anything less will keep the bra tightly on.


More on the same, Ravijour hasn’t given out the official release date yet, however if it does come out, eventually, it could spell doom for those guys who live on the bar side, and only have one liners to work with. Nevertheless, for those who take time to treat a lady, this just might be heaven sent.