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twitter branding


Social media branding can be such a hassle if you are not sure of what exactly to do or how and where to do it,  Twitter is definitely a potentially strong fan base for your business. Most people will say that you do not have to brand your business online, that maybe setting up a Twitter account and beginning to tweet about your business is just enough, but take it from me that Social Media branding whether on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform you could think of is extremely vital for your business. I won’t go into reasons of why you need to do online branding; I’ll save that for another day.

I’ll guide you on how to set up your business brand on Twitter.

a). Setting up your Twitter Account

Twitter Sign Up PageIf you are new to Twitter meaning you do not have your business account yet, you can Sign Up for an account. If you already set up your account, this will still be important to you. At this step I will tell you two things that should be done to go hand in hand with your business.

At the signup page, you will fill out a Full Name for your account. You will also be required to fill out a username. This is important, a name defines you and using your business name here will be so beneficial and vital, you cannot afford to use any other name for this, do not use your nickname or anything close to it, this is not your personal profile, it’s a professional business profile, so keep it professional.

After Setting up your account, you will go to the settings option on your twitter profile. On the settings page, I will discuss the two most important options in as far as Branding is concerned.

b). Profile

Twitter Profile settings pageUnder the profile is where your Profile Photo, Profile Header, Location information, Website Link and Profile Bio fall. Each piece of this information is very vital when it comes to your business branding, let’s see;

i). Profile Photo

Seeing as this is a business profile, your photo needs to be something that describes your business. I have seen many people who are small business owners using their personal images for this. You cannot have your business name as your twitter name and username, and then all of a sudden, an image of you as the profile photo. That beats logic, it does not make sense. Imagine someone reading a tweet from an electronics business like Amazon, and then, the profile photo is a photo of the Amazon Company Founder. I know you know that’s weird.

Get a graphic designer to design for you a very nice profile photo that has a professional business picture of your brand. Or even better, use your logo for this if you do not have enough time to find a graphic designer or maybe have financial constraints.

ii). Profile Header

This is the best place to talk more about your business or maybe have icons of your products included in the design. The header is larger than the photo and therefore you can have maybe five or six products included in this design. I advise you to find a graphic designer for this. It’s like designing your own business banner. If you have a website, we all talk about banners or widgets to market affiliate links or advertise other businesses or products, you Twitter business profile is a free opportunity for you to advertise your business. It’s a special gift from Twitter to you.

Find a graphic designer and provide them with your business information, products, most preferred business colours, logo etc. Design a customized header for your business, it will attract people to your profile and everyone will feel that they can trust you because they see what you stand for. If you have put a good profile photo and have designed a customized header for your business, we are heading there. Only halfway through…

iii). Location

Having your location on your profile is part of defining your business brand. People will want to know where your business is located. You could be anywhere in the world. Don’t give people a hard time trying to find you.

iv). Website Link

Market your brand by having your business website linked to your Twitter Profile. Twitter provides you an opportunity to get massive traffic, if you have been on Twitter long enough and have a website for your business, and your website link is on your profile, you may have noticed that there are people who actually click that link on your info, to find out more about you or your business.

v). Profile Bio

Words are catchy, or let’s say can be catchy if written well. Your business profile must have a decisive, captivating, informative but precise bio. This is like an “About Us” page on your website; the difference though is that for Twitter, you need to be creative because you are given only 160 characters to describe your business. Creativity will lead you to having a combination of captivating and informative words to describe your business in only 160 characters or less. You can briefly talk about your services, products and mission. Tell us why we should choose your business and not any other.

c). Design

This is the last bit and it takes the last quarter but significantly vital share. You cannot underestimate the power in designing.

i). Theme

Twitter premade themesTwitter offers pre-customized themes that you can choose from. I honestly do not advise any one to pick the premade themes for your business profile; however, this would fit if you were making a personal profile where you don’t stand for anything and you are just on Twitter to make friends. Your business though is not on Twitter for the same, it’s on Twitter to market itself and grow a large fan base for more sales and website traffic.

Get a graphic designer who has designed themes and background images for Twitter business profiles before. Let them design for you a background image that fits to describe your business brand and good enough to act as a good theme.

Twitter Customize Themeii). The Little details

After designing your background image, pick a background colour that will extend to where your image may not reach, but one that fits into the whole theme.

Customize your link colours, best to fit the colour into your theme too. Preferred overlay is white.


I shall give you a link to the BirdDogGo Mobile App Twitter Profile that actually follows everything on my guide. It’s a startup profile but it gets everything right for starters.

Featured image courtesy of Flickr, Jason Howie