Build your own Game of Thrones empire as you wait for Season 5

Game of thrones is among the most decorated shows in history. There is no debate about how much influence it has over people around the world. The fourth season completed showing a few months ago. You are probably wondering about what you could do with the free time. Game of Thrones Ascent is a game available for both iOS and Android devices (Sorry Windows Phone fanatics, just not your day today).

This game is probably the closest you’ll ever get to being a King or having your own spies, swords and servants who have sworn to protect you in real life, unless of course you are either acting in the show, or were born in any of the world’s royal families.

When you launch the game you are treated with the first typical Game of Thrones welcome message: Welcome to Westeros, a land where kingdoms are forged in fire and blood, and norble lords have no time for dancing.

From there onwards you can begin your Ascent to power. Apparently, King Robert Baratheon the current King of Westeros and his most trusted adviser Jon Arryn are looking for someone to serve, and you have been selected. Your mission being to serve them well and win their trust then Ascend to the throne.

Find-your-place game of thrones

For the Windows Phone users, all is not lost. This game is available on the desktop as well and you can get to play it on your browser.

Just a hey-you-should-probably-know point, this game uses the internet but I wouldn’t call it an internet guzzler. So for those worrying about how much mobile internet they can use here, a considerable amount of data will be used. Or you can play it via Wi-Fi.  It’s actually worth a shot. Check more images below to get a glimpse of what the game looks like on my Xperia. To download the game, here are the links you should go to;

Download [For Android] [For iOS]