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You can now send short videos on Skype using QiK - Techpurge You can now send short videos on Skype using QiK - Techpurge
Skype launches Qik

You can now send short videos on Skype using QiK

According to Microsoft, it’s pronounced as “Quick” but called Qik. Yes. That’s the equivalent of Skype’s Vine messaging app. Qik enables you to send short videos that are 42 seconds long to your friends on Skype. The new video messaging app is supposed to connect you and your loved ones in between calls and enable you to stay connected.

The Vine video app on Twitter sends videos that are six seconds long, while on Snapchat you are able to send videos that are 15 seconds long or less. Microsoft’s Skype is looking to catch up with both of these services as it struggles to lay solid foundation that will enable it get into the messaging service field.

The videos on Skype’s Qik disappear after two weeks which is considerably longer than Snapchat’s which disappear once you have viewed them. Microsoft’s Dan Chastney and Piero Sierra said the following in a blog post during Qik’s release:

Skype Qik makes video conversations more spontaneous and fun so you don’t have to wait until your next call to connect with your favorite people.

Qik is available on three mobile platforms. You can find the app in Google’s Android Play Store, Apple’s iOS store or Microsoft’s own Windows Store.

We are yet to see if Microsoft shall be able to compete with other messaging giants especially after Facebook purchased WhatsApp earlier on in the year, while Russia’s Telegram continues to grow unrivaled beyond Russia, coupled with Viber which was purchased for $900 million by Japan’s Rakuten.

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