Choosing Technology as Your Blog Niche

A blog niche is the prime factor to consider before you decide to start your blog. A blog niche is basically the topic that your blog is going to talk about. When my friend and I decided to launch a blog we were so sure that it’s going to be about technology. It’s not something that took us pretty long to find out. We are both thrilled by the idea of talking about technology. It’s been years and years of arguing about the latest technology trends, starting from our child hood. Back then when Wi-Fi hit Kenya and we were wondering what the hell a Wi-Fi is.

Wait a minute; it took us quite a while before we actually came to agree that Wi-Fi is basically a wireless internet connection. And that was so recently by the way, maybe 5 years ago, we were young teens by then, and this word “Wi-Fi” had not become so common. Save for that, I keep convincing myself that Sony still produces excellent mobile phones than Apple, but my friend thinks, nope, Apple is the boss. Ever since the birth of the iPhone; Not really the birth, but ever since we learnt of the iPhone’s existence, from the iPhone 3G I think, we have always argued on this. Now I have a Sony Xperia mobile phone and he has an iPhone 4S which pretty much beats mine in several things, but I just won’t surrender.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, our blogging story actually begins from here. We chose to blog in a niche that is so competitive. It doesn’t really matter because we’ve just started from somewhere and our blog niche is pretty much sound. But the reasons why we had to do this technology blog are more important no matter the fierce competition out there.

Passion, interest and love for technology

As I have stated earlier, we have undying love for technology. Every single day things become more exciting and intriguing. The latest technology trends are thrilling. From the Nokia 3310 a decade ago, to the Galaxy Note 3 and the iPhone 5S today, things have become more enticing that we just can’t stop. This phrase, “the higher you go, the cooler it becomes” actually seems to be taking a toll on Collins and I. We feel that the more technology gets tricky and complicated, the cooler it becomes. I mean, look at the recently launched Smartwatch. A try from Samsung, and then like 3 days later, Yahoo launches its new logo and it’s the ultimate definition of fail. Things get exciting every day. Choose a blog niche you have passion for, something you will never get bored to talk about.

Technology blog niche is evergreen

Every single day we have new technology trends coming up. Every day we have new Social media trends. You know, like for example, hash tags used to be on Twitter and Instagram only, but all of a sudden, they have come onto Facebook. Following these trends is fun for us, if you don’t find this interesting then do not blog about Social media; you won’t find it interesting i bet. Anyway, the bottom line is if you choose to blog, choose a blog niche that will be evergreen with new trends and issues to talk about. No one likes to hit for a season and then die, definitely not us. We want to be here for so long into the future until we are finally here. And technology is definitely going to be here today, tomorrow and every year to come. There will always be more than enough things to talk about.

Technology is always trending

Suffice it to say that choosing an evergreen blog niche is not enough. It could be something that has new issues every day but people are not interested. For us, technology is something somebody will always want to read. Most people are getting to that technology enthusiasm level that they will read just about anything concerning technology. It’s always trending, and people are always talking about it. My assumption though is that if your blog niche is evergreen, then most likely people are always talking about it and so it will always be trending to a people of certain interests making you remain relevant.

Expertise in technology

Okay, we are not experts parse, but look; we already have a technology blog that we are providing useful information from. We are talking about things we love to do every day. Do you get where am going? No? Okay, let me rephrase it.

We don’t just wake up one morning and guess about tips, or the how-tos we provide. It’s the urge we have to try out new things, or old things it doesn’t matter. The main thing is we are always talking about technology because we read about it, we are on what we call, “on-the-job-training” and this far, we can tell you what we have learnt. Like for instance this post you are reading now. This is expertise inspiring you. And maybe two years down the line from today, we’ll be EXPERTS for REAL! To cut the long story short, choose a blog niche in which you have expertise. By dispersing the information you have you become a quarter of an expert. The more you keep reading so you can develop good content, the more of an expert you become. Practice makes perfect. This is clichĂ© but I just had to use it.

Technology is profitable

I don’t want you to get that picture of some two guys who wanted money so they decided to start TECHPURGE. Not really, I want you to conceive, carry it in you and get used to the idea that some two guys started blogging about technology because they were passionate about it. Then somewhere along the way, money just came. Okay, the real process is not that by the way, it’s longer, hectic and cumbersome. It requires patience, persistence and dedication. Ideally, what I am just putting across is that when you choose your blog niche; don’t choose a blog niche that will not profit you in the long run. Let me cut the chase because I have been running away too long. We are passionate about technology but again, technology is very profitable so it gives us more reason to do this.

This is how we would have told a story about why we chose the technology blog niche. But the way I see it, it’s more than a story. It should teach you how to choose the right niche for blogging.

Featured image courtesy of Flickr, Revenue Times