ClipCard, a simple way to search through all your cloud accounts at once

A new service called ClipCard wants to make it easy for you to search through your cloud to find that elusive presentation, contact, project, notes or data without too much of a hustle. With the growth of the Cloud and several tech giants like Google, Microsoft and Apple emphasizing the importance of the cloud, it is very easy to forget on which account you stored which file especially if you are using all of these accounts as most of us are.

ClipCard is here to make it simple to check your Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud among many other cloud services all at once. The service also integrates the ability to search for your LinkedIn contacts as well. If you are looking for a file, say a document which you remember the name, for example, if it is called “Schedule”, you will just be required to search on ClipCard by typing “Schedule” and “Document” and the service will list all the documents with that name from all your cloud accounts. ClipCard lists the files as small cards with links to open the files in the specified locations.

ClipCard is still in beta and the service is welcoming people to register for an invite. The service is going to kick off in desktop mode which means you will be able to access it via a web browser. However, according to MIT Technology Review, the company is working to release native smartphone apps before it launches early next year. The company intends to start out free of charge for everyone. Later on there maybe charges for companies, businesses and for other services.