Couples who spend the most time on Twitter most likely to be unfaithful and break up, study reveals.

Research has revealed that twitter might in fact be encouraging cheating in relationships and marriages, consequently being a reason for  break-ups. The study carried out by a group from the University of Missouri-Columbia on 580 Twitter users provided more information about the cause for these break ups.

One of the reasons was that couples argued about the amount of time their partners spent on the social network. The study saw users claiming that most of the time partners who spent a lot of time on Twitter were bound to be involved in conversations that would be seen by the other partner as flirting. Also, most arguments would be about who a partner talks to on Twitter.

A lot of partners also fell out due to the level of friendliness their partners exhibited with other Twitter users. Most Twitter users are very friendly to each other, however, when it comes to relationships, doubts were cast about how friendly users can be to each other and if that can be a good sign of a cheating partner.

The majority of the participants in this questionnaire were male. However, in terms of race most participants (62 per cent) were Caucasian, 15 per cent Asian, 12 per cent Hispanic, 6 per cent African American, and 5 per cent Native American.

The group from University of Missouri analysed the tweets of each participant before allowing them to participate in the questionnaire.

We have seen several couples fall out due to social media in the past, especially Facebook. According to the study, Twitter is getting there too. The use of Photo sharing on the social network is also expected to aggravate the situation.

The study also added:

Active Twitter use and Twitter-related conflict were positively associated with an increase in emotional and physical cheating, breakup, and divorce.