The death of the “Retweet” button and the beginning of the “Share” button on Twitter

Twitter has been accused of copying Facebook as it strives to make Twitter more impressive and user-friendly. This came after it was verified that the retweet button is coming to the end of its lifetime, at least for now, as Twitter begins to experiment on the “share with followers” option.

Twitter began rolling out the change to a few of its users who have talked about it for a while now, claiming that Twitter is out to copy the social media giant, Facebook.

Among other expected changes include the removal of the “quote” tweet option to now say “add with comment”.

Twitter, we love you just the way you are. Stop trying to please us.

That was the message every twitter user had in their mind regarding the new Twitter changes. And as you can see from the few tweets we collected below, Twitter users are really pissed that sooner or later, they won’t be able to differentiate between Twitter and Facebook.

no more retweet
The changes are being rolled out and experimented to a few users at a time. Maybe sooner or later, you will notice the changes on your timeline.

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