European Union wants to break Google up

An antitrust case against Google in Europe is threatening to break the tech giant up or at least that’s what the European Union intends to do. According to the Financial Times, a draft motion has been set to prevent search engines from engaging in other commercial services and to be bound by the law to stick to the search engine business only. The move is expected to work as a solution towards Google’s dominance of the search market in Europe.

Allegations that Google has been abusing its dominant position in search beginning in 2010 to date are being investigated by the European Commission . Current signs show that the case is becoming a bitter one. GĂĽnther Oettinger, the EU’s incoming digital commissioner said that if the European Union chose to settle the matter with Google, then Google would use that as a measure of their strength in the market which would beat the purpose of the case, to dilute Google’s power.

Reports from a German government spokeswoman show that four German ministers, including Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel, have sent a letter to Brussels to back the idea behind the breakup resolution.

Google has been faced with attacks from politicians in Germany, France and Spain regarding various issues including the revelations of NSA’s whistle-blower Edward Snowden. The right to be forgotten, a law that allows people to request the deletion of information from search results has also been something exploited by politicians as attacks on Google continue.

Microsoft is believed to be one of the tech giants supporting the case against Google. Bing is slowly being phased out by Google’s dominance in Europe. Other small search engines are also joining Microsoft’s side.

However, despite the cries, the call to break Google up from its other services would not face the light of day. The EU has no power to force the break up and even if it did, the US and Google would fight back for all its worth.