Extensibility: iOS 8 Killer Feature and New Era for Apps

Apples new operating system for mobile phones and Tablets, iOS 8, is slated in for a release later this year and one of the features its got will transform the way Apps have worked for a long time.

Apple calls it Extensibility, and it basically allows your apps apps to share both information and functionality with each other  which means less time switching from one app to another.

For example, before this feature you would have a favorite app like Photoshop Express for editing photos. You would need to be inside the App in order to use its editing tools.

But with Extensibility, you will be able to access those same editing tools within the the Photos Native App. The editing tools for Photoshop Express will act as extensions in this case and Photos would have access to that extension. This allows you to take advantage of the unique features available in the Photoshop Express even from within other Apps. Its important to note that Apps will not randomly access important info without your express permission.