“Facebook; Sorry, there was a problem with this link” -Unpacking this warning

I kept wondering for a lengthy amount of time why every time I click on a link I shared on my page I kept getting this error below;

Something went wrong

Sorry, there was a problem with this link:

(Input link)

You can now continue to this website, or go back to the page you were on before.

Remember, only follow links from sources you trust.

[Go Back] [Follow Link]

It displayed on my smartphone as shown in this screenshot;

Facebook error

A screenshot of the Facebook warning on Opera Mini regarding a link i clicked on one of my pages using the Pages Manager app

So I have done research on this problem and this is what I found out;

1. The problem only occurs from the Facebook Pages app, at least that’s what I realized on my side. I’m guessing the reason might be that when you tap a link from the Facebook Pages app, it opens on a browser that’s not within the Pages app. Therefore the app warns you about the link before letting you go through to the post or page.

2. This error doesn’t occur when;

  • You tap on a page’s shared link from within your browser, for example, If I’m ‘Facebooking’ on Opera Mini, Firefox or Google Chrome mobile browsers and I meet a link from my page (Techpurge is on Facebook) then tap on it, my browser directly takes me to the post without seeing the error in the screenshot above.
  • You tap on a link using the official or non-official Facebook apps. For Example, when am using the official Facebook app and I meet a shared link from my page then tap on it, my browser opens and I am taken to that post without meeting the said error.

So ideally, this error actually happens when you are using Facebook’s Pages Manager app. I also believe it happens because Pages Manager app doesn’t have an inbuilt browser. That’s to say that if it had its own browser, you would open the link without meeting that error but since you have to use a browser outside of the Facebook Pages Manager app the error displays as a warning that the site you are visiting could be malicious or spam.

Question is; how does this affect you as a Facebook Page owner who uses Facebook to drive traffic to your blog?

In my opinion, it doesn’t affect the traffic to your site at all because it doesn’t deter anybody from visiting your website except you and that’s because you are using the Pages Manager app and as an administrator. Other people who have also installed this Facebook Pages Manager app on their phones are managers of Facebook pages, and your page doesn’t show up on this app because the Pages Manager doesn’t have a news feed or stream. Simply put, the only way somebody will click your page’s link from the Pages Manager app is if they are administrators to your page. Your fans access your links from their news feed, so they won’t get this warning at all.

Also, if you are experiencing dropped interaction on your page, and less visits to your website/Facebook page and reduced reach of your Facebook posts to your fans, that’s due to Facebook’s recent update that they won’t share your post to all your fans if you don’t promote it. Facebook is a business as much as it is a service. If you are experiencing the drop, it’s probably because you are not paying Facebook to boost your posts on its platform. Less than 10% of the fans you have will see your post on Facebook if you aren’t boosting it.

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