Facebook sued over allegations of Intercepting private communications for Profit

Matthew Campbell, from Arkansas, and Michael Hurley, from Oregon have sued Facebook over allegations that Facebook was intercepting private user messages for selling to advertising companies. These are not the messages posted on a user’s wall; rather, they are inbox messages that are meant to be private. Facebook stated earlier that private messages are not tracked and they are just as private as it could be. However, the two plaintiffs believe that Facebook tracks the messages in order to provide advertisers with better targeting.

When Facebook intercepts inbox messages which may include shared links, they are able to tell what the user is interested in according to his/her private conversations; therefore it’s easier for advertisers to target the appropriate user after getting this data.
Facebook now joins six other companies including Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn, who have been accused of intercepting private user messages for sale to advertising companies and government organizations in order to make profits.