Facebook Could be on the way to Purchasing Blackberry

According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Blackberry executives flew to California to meet Facebook executives on a possible sell out of the smartphone-maker to the Social Network big boss.

FairFax Financial Ltd which was initially among the largest shareholders for Blackberry during its pomp and ceremonious days in the smartphone business is expected to submit a $4.7 Billion bid today, Monday 4th November. However, signs have shown that Blackberry is not sure whether it should or should not accept the buyout bid to Fairfax Financial Ltd. The move by Facebook could be one of the reasons why Blackberry is not ready to accept the $ 4.7 Billion bid from Fairfax, maybe trying to weigh the situation waiting for Facebook’s bid before it can make a final decision.

The move from Facebook actually comes as a surprise because we have seen Facebook denying the possibility of entering the hardware and spec market by refusing that they do not have any intentions to manufacture their own mobile phones.

This comes about 3 weeks since the release of BBM and a few months, maybe 2 since Blackberry declared it was considering selling out its company so it can go private.

A speculation from our side though is that this could be a move to curb BBM which has since been downloaded several million times and is of now boasting of more than 20 million users in a week. BBM may possibly turn out to be a challenge to Facebook and Instagram which are owned by Facebook. I am also looking at the possibility of BBM coming with an all-in-one package for both Instagram and Facebook though that might just be too far-fetched.

Good to know what you all think. Will it be Blackbook or Faceberry? Do you like the idea of a a Berrybook or a Blackface? Let us know.

Featured image courtesyof Flickr, Thos Ballantyne