First preview of Windows 9 to Launch in late September

Reports obtained by ZDNet show that Microsoft is working to release the preview version of the supposed Windows 9 in late September. The preview version has been codenamed “Threshold”. Word on the blogosphere is that “Threshold” would be Microsoft’s Windows 9 preview though Microsoft refused to comment about the story.

Windows 9 has long been the plan for Microsoft with earlier reports in January indicating that the operating system will be officially launched in April 2015. With the Windows 9 technology preview set to come out sooner than expected, you may want to hold out for another month or so if you have not moved to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

Also note that the preview to be released in late September will not be the finished product so it may have several bugs here and there as we get closer and closer to April 2015. The “Threshold” preview won’t be the first time Microsoft releases a preview of their operating system, the same was done for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Developers are usually more encouraged to download these previews in order to provide some “code-focused” feedback, but user feedback is much treasured too, so if you fancy the undone Windows 9 preview you can always download and install it from Microsoft’s website once it comes out.

Something else I’ve heard is that Microsoft will not relent on the touch-ability of the new OS. It’s going to be adaptable for people who use a mouse or touchscreen or both.

Rumors also have it that the OS will come packaged with the Desktop version of Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant now available in Windows Phones running the 8.1 version. The menu that shows up on the right side of the screen when you move your mouse to the top-right corner in Windows 8.1 is also going to be removed in Windows 9. The Start Menu is in the rumors as well, it will come back but probably not as was in Windows 7. Last month there was a leaked screenshot of the start menu that showed what might be coming, though it was expected to be an upgrade for Windows 8.1.


Maybe Microsoft decided to let it go and focus on the next Windows OS, we don’t know that for sure but we shall see how things pan out.

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