Five of the 10 most used mobile apps worldwide belong to Google

Despite the fact that there are several apps being made everyday and others already in existence on Apple and Google stores, people have their 10 favorite ones. A Comscore study has found out that five out of the 10 most used mobile apps actually belong to Google. Also according to the Comscore rank, people rarely add new apps to their phones.

Users spend more time with apps than they do with websites. In fact according to the study, users spend 52% more time with apps. Facebook was the most used app in the study, which makes a lot of sense since Facebook is the most downloaded mobile app on stores and also the largest social media network to the tune of billions of users. Google’s first appearance is in the second position where their YouTube app is the second most used mobile app where music and viral videos account for most of the traffic.

Google’s Play Store app is the third most used mobile app, a result supported so much by Android’s 85% smartphone market share worldwide. The Google Search app also follows closely at fourth position with Pandora a distant 5th. Pandora is the world’s largest online radio station. Google comes back at 6th again with the Google Maps app, a very essential app for almost every human being to get around the world’s towns, cities and unknown streets. Gmail follows with more mobile users than any other email app thanks to Gmail’s easier to use interface. Instagram, Apple Maps and the Yahoo Finance app are the last in the list registering 8th, 9th and 10th respectively.

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