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Free at Last!! Twitter unblocked in Turkey after Constitutional Court ruling

A day after the highest court in Turkey ruled against the banning of Twitter in Turkey, the government has moved to unblock the social media network therefore allowing it’s citizens to continue using the service without tweaking the DNS.

The government’s officials have said that the ban was lifted after the Constitutional Court ruled that blocking Twitter was a breach to the citizens’ freedom of expression.

Access to Twitter was blocked after the Prime Minister Recep ErdoÄźan threatened to root out the network from Turkey following news that was leaked to both Twitter and YouTube about recordings found of corruption involving the Prime Minister and his son. In the recordings ErdoÄźan is heard asking his son to dispose large sums of cash, which has been presumed as money gained in unscrupulous ways.

A few citizens from Turkey have tweeted that Turkey is now free and accessible once again, after a very long wait.