Gangnam Style video hits 2 Billion views as Google joins the celebration

A few months after overtaking Justin Bieber’s “Baby” video which was initially the most watched YouTube video, Gangnam Style’s official video has now surpassed 2 billion views to set the record for the most watched video on YouTube. Justin Bieber’s video has maintained the second spot with slightly over a billion views.

Gangnam Style has gunnered double the views of it’s greatest competitor and that’s not a small feat. Exactly the reason why Google has not wasted a minute to join in the celebration. If you went to watch the video on YouTube right now you’ll realize two gifs on both sides of the counter doing the Gangnam style dance.


If you click on the two gifs dancing, you will see at the top of the video, several of these gifs joining together to show the counter of 2 billion plus depending on the current number of views.

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The video doesn’t mean that YouTube has 2 billion users, it would be ridiculously insane to think that way considering it’s only Facebook who have passed the 1 billion mark among all the social media networks. However, YouTube is bustling with activity, with the video also having quite a surmountable number of comments.

Enjoy the video above or get onto it on YouTube if you have not watched it for some time, because it’s hard to believe that there is a human being on YouTube who hasn’t watched it at all.