Get paid for posting on these two social media networks, Bubblews and Bonzo Me

Two social media networks are paying people for posting on their social networks. Bubblews and Bonzo Me are developing social media networks where apart from the owners getting some revenue, the people who produce the content get some too.

Remember that dream you once had where you’d dream of sitting on the computer everyday, ranting and complaining in very long paragraphs about life, and cars and money and…. ? Well, the dream didn’t come true then, but now you have the opportunity to do just that. However, it’ll take you centuries to actually be a millionaire if ever you will be.

Bubblews just came out of their test phase early July. They pay users that attract traffic and advertisers. That means you have to write some really interactive or intriguing post to actually get some traffic on your updates.

Bonzo Me is also doing something close to what Bubblews is doing. This is what the creator of Bonzo Me says;

I just feel like everyone on social networks has been taken advantage of for long enough. Facebook has been making a ton of money, and the people providing the content aren’t getting anything.

Those are the words of a surgeon called Michael Nusbaum shedding some light on the reasons for creating Bonzo Me. Bonzo Me works differently on their payment system as compared to Bubblews. You only get paid 80% of it’s ad revenue if your post is really popular. It has to be popular to earn money so…

Bubblews compensation formula is based on the number of times that each post is clicked or when the post compels for some networking activity. Payment is one penny per view, and the payments are only disbursed in $50 increments. So it actually takes a lot of time before you have your first paycheck unless your content material goes viral. Bubblews CEO,  Arvind Dixit, feels that there is too much exploitation by larger social media networks, a path that he believes isn’t sustainable in the long-run;

No one should come to our site in anticipation of being able to quit their day job. But we are trying to be fair with our users. Social networks don’t have to be places where you feel like you’re being exploited.

So there you have it, don’t expect to quit your day job but you have some compensation for your tonnes of content. Bubblews also encourages more thoughtful posts. If you fall among the people that like to write long paragraphs on Facebook, or Google Plus, this could be another medium for you. Posts are supposed to be at least 400 characters.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks are built on the ideologies that content needs to be shared. However, the money the content produces has never been shared, so here is to Bubblews and Bonzo Me.