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Google Break up motion passed by European Union

The European parliament has passed a vote that is intended to break up Google from its other commercial activities aside from the search engine business. The vote states that the online market is of particular importance in ensuring competitive conditions within the digital single market.

It is believed that the European Union’s move may probably not come to fruition because the US and Google will fight back the move hence stalling or eventually disabling the process. Google is currently facing an antitrust case in the EU. The case is becoming a big issue than expected. Politicians from Germany especially are behind the much anticipated Google breakup. The motion doesn’t apply to Google alone, it also applies to all other search engines.

This move is similar to one that eventually broke Microsoft up in order to reduce the dominance of the software giant in the market. By 1995, 95% of PCs were shipping with Windows installed and later on in the year, Microsoft launched Internet Explorer which took the world by storm. The break up led to Microsoft focusing on Windows more than its Internet Explorer and search business, leading to the emergence of competitors like Google and Mozilla in these fields.

The motion to break up Google was passed with a majority of votes where 384 voted to it while 174 voted against it. The motion also covered net neutrality and another call for abolishing cellphone roaming charges. If Google is broken up successfully, the European parliament believes that a single digital economy in the EU could be worth €260 billion extra a year for the EU. The notion is that Google is preventing this kind of success with its dominance in the market.