Google Contributor to bring you websites without ads, for a fee

Google is setting up a new system called Contributor, where you pay between $1 and $3 per month to see websites that do not have ads on them. Chances are that every website you visit depends on advertising to sustain itself. Apart from the content, you are faced with no option but to view ads as well. Google is shaking up this system with the new Contributor model.

Websites will apply to be partner websites to Contributor and while you visit these websites under the Contributor model you will be required to pay a monthly fee so you can not see the advertisements. We believe that Google will take a little cash of the amount you pay, then pay Contributor websites the rest of the money as their income instead.

It is not clear what Google’s cut is.Google has not gone much into details on whether the fee you pay will be for all sites or its per site but we hope these details will be available soon. As of today, Google has announced a number of websites that will partner up to make Contributor a reality. Some of the websites include Mashable, The Onion, Science Daily, Imgur, WikiHow and Urban Dictionary. These are the websites that we know so far though Google says there are a lot of other websites that will participate.

If you are anxious to try out the Contributor system, you can signup to join the wait-list. After signing in and paying the monthly fee, the sites you visit that are under this model will show pixel patterns and thank you messages instead of advertisements. It also appears that the more you will be willing to pay, the more ads-free websites you will access.