Google finally seals deal to buy game streaming service Twitch

If reports from VentureBeat are anything to go buy, Google has finalized the purchase of the popular game streaming service, Twitch.

VentureBeat’s source has revealed that the deal was completed for $1 billion, and that Twitch would now join YouTube. Further reports indicate that Google intends to add other forms of entertainment into the streaming service apart from it’s current portfolio of gaming. Google has indeed struggled to make live-streaming a core service offered on YouTube, as people haven’t taken the YouTube live-streaming seriously.

However, Twitch on the other hand has no problem getting people to watch gamers do their thing. If you are not in the know of what exactly Twitch does, in very simple terms, here goes; Twitch is a live-streaming service, where gamers go to watch other gamers play games in real time. The service has more than 1 million video game players who broadcast themselves on the service.

Since the launch of Twitch, it has grown from 3 million unique visitors per month to 45 million today. Twitch has loyal and extremely passionate users as does YouTube. The average Twitch user watches 106 minutes of video per day. Furthermore, 58% spend more than 20 hours per week on the platform.

The numbers have recently been boosted by deals from Sony and Microsoft, who have have claimed that the latest gaming consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) shall have Twitch in-built.

This report is yet to be confirmed by either Google or Twitch but we hope in the next few days something will come up.