Google & Five other Asian Companies invest $300m in sea cable

Google & Five other Asian Companies invest $300m in sea cable

Google, together with 5 other Asian companies are investing in a $300m undersea cable that will link Japan and the west coast of US in order to improve global internet connectivity.

The other five firms include China Mobile International, China Telecom Global, Global Transit, KDDI and Singte, with NEC Corporation also joining as system supplier.

The project which is dubbed FASTER would see the 9000-kilometre fibre-optic cable stretch from two points in Japan to the United States, with extensions to other Asian locations later on, the companies said.

In the US, the cable would be extended to link major cities on the west coast including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle, they said.

There are several hundred underwater telecom cables that connect various points in the world at this time.

But “the FASTER cable system has the largest design capacity ever built on the Trans-Pacific route, which is one of the longest routes in the world”, Woohyong Choi, chairman of the project’s executive committee, said in the statement.

According to WSJ, Faster will be the most advanced cross-Pacific cable yet, offering enough capacity to move 60 terabits of data through its fibers each second, according to NEC, its Japanese builder