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Google Glass Updated with Public Transit Directions for Android Users - Techpurge Google Glass Updated with Public Transit Directions for Android Users - Techpurge
Google Glass

Google Glass Updated with Public Transit Directions for Android Users

Just in case you thought Google Glass is going to be owned by the rich and luxurious people who have $1, 500 to spend on this device of the future then you may be wrong. Google has since moved to update the feature in a way that actually seems to beat that “rich people” logic.

Yesterday, Google announced that it had updated Google Glass with transit features. Meaning people can view public transit directions on the device in real time.

We are used to the idea that people who actually use public means of transport are not going to have a hefty $1, 500 to spend on luxuries, but Google Glass might not be a luxury after all. It might turn out to be the must-have device. Google remembered the people who use public means of transport leading to the release of this update.

The directions, Google said, will include details such as where to transfer to another bus or train. It will also be capable of informing you how long it will take to reach your destination. Google Glass tends to be picking up from Google Maps in this update. To get this directions you will have to pair up your Google Glass with your Android phone. When you get directions and select transit, you will be able to access all information including how long it will take you to walk to the bus stop, or reach your final destination among other things.

Another feature that was included in the update is the ability to tap in the notifications to select links, a feature that people have been asking Google to include in the device.

Google Glass updated with Public transit directions for Android users

Well, a few months ago, we saw Google Co-founder Sergey Brin, wearing the glasses in a New York subway, bringing a lot of excitement that a personality who actually co-owns a Boeing 767 jet plane decided to use public means of transport. But of course this was long before Google put up a price tag of $1, 500 to the device, making the tech-savvy people actually freak out. Whatever happens to the price when Google releases the gadget to the public in 2014 is all another matter subject to speculation by the tech community.

If Google manages to reduce the cost of Google Glass when it’s released in 2014, this feature could really get useful to a whole lot of people indeed. But until then, the feature is still for the few wealthy people who still choose to use public transit as a means to move from one point to another.