A lady wearing Google Glass


The latest reports indicate that the Google Glass will not be available for purchase until 2014. Several fans of the Google Glass had initially anticipated that the Google Glass will be available for purchase by the end of 2013, but new indications have it that the high-tech glass will not be sold until 2014. For the high number of people who had anticipated a “Google Glass Christmas,” this is a letdown.

The project was initially launched in April and dubbed “Project Glass.” According to a Google Video released at the time, the augmented reality-enhanced glasses would let you record video, get weather updates, check your calendar and see messages from your friends.

The Co-Founder Sergey Brin had initially expressed his sentiments about the release date for the Google Glass to Bloomberg saying he would like Google Glass to be available for consumers in 2014. Google Chairman Eric Schimdt

The Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt, had also emphasized the same in an interview with the BBC Radio 4’s World at One. Schmidt said the that the Google Glass will be available for thousands of Developers in the next several months from April, after which feedback from the developers would be put into consideration and the Google Glass released to consumers in 2014, well, he said it was “a year-ish away.”

Therefore the news released recently about the Google Glass was just a re-affirmation of what the two top Google personalities had initially mentioned lightly.

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