Google IO 2014

Google Introduces Android L, ART Runtime, Android One and Trusted Environments

Google’s new Android OS has been given code name “Android L” release. Well, the L definitely stands for something, could it be Android LOL? LMAO? LOLLIPOP?LETTUCE? LADYBUG? LICORICE?

It could actually be called anything, Google is usually unpredictable with the naming of their Android OS versions, we never knew there could be Ice Cream Sandwich, came Jelly Bean and that hit us as a surprise, and then when everybody was expecting Key Lime Pie, Google hit us with another surprise again and said no. It’s gonna be called KitKat.

Anyone thinking Android L, the new Android version, is probably Google thinking about going back to “Key Lime Pie” and taking off the word “Key”, so we can remain with Android “Lime Pie”?? Well, i know, it doesn’t make sense. Forget it.

Android L comes with very awesome additions and updates otherwise it wouldn’t really be called an upgrade.

ART Runtime

Google introduced Art Runtime updates which will be packaged in the new OS. This is the software that makes it possible for the applications to work. Google assures us that with ART Runtime, all applications will launch fast and run faster, actually it’s both launch and run faster. Since Android will be using less processing power decompressing apps, ART Runtime is expected to improve the battery life of your Android device significantly. Google promises that with the right software, the processors will bring much enhancement into power savings and device performance. If these improvements don’t improve your battery life, it’s not all lost for you. Google introduced a new battery saving mode, which can save your power to an extended 90 minutes by shutting down the unnecessary services.

Android One.

That’s not another Operating System, LOL! It’s a program. Google is introducing Android One to help the low-cost smartphone makers cut down on production costs. We are talking Sony, HTC and Samsung here. And possibly a million other Android smartphone making companies we have never heard of. Huawei, Tecno and the rest of the group. The thing is, currently, these companies incur a lot of costs and waste a lot of time trying to design a smartphone that costs low. Keeping smartphone costs down in the developing world is very essential and that means that companies have to spend money and a lot of it redesigning to hit the low prices. Google says;

It’s a waste of time, we can help!

With Android One, Google’s engineers will design a cost-effective and cost-conscious hardware, and give other companies to manufacture it. Smartphone makers will then use this hardware to quickly fit in their low-cost smartphones and save themselves a lot time and money.

The biggest advantage though is that Google will be able to set standards for Android handsets within a particular range of prices.

Trusted Environments

Google also introduced Trusted Environments. If you lock your screen with a pattern, pin or password, it will be impossible for you to enjoy Android’s new notifications features. However, you have something to rejoice about, and it’s been dubbed Trusted Environments in Android L. (Every time i say Android L loud it feels like there is something missing, of course there is something missing). Apparently this new feature allows you to access your phone without the hassle of Passwords, unlock patterns or pin codes. You will still be able to feel as secure as you did with the passwords.

It’s what i would call, Google’s reply to Apple’s fingerprint sensor.

If you have your smartwatch, that could be used to unlock your smartphone too. When your phone is within a foot of your smartwatch, it would function normally, but if it goes further it locks up to keep the intruders out.

Android Everywhere

Most importantly with Android L is that it’s where Google finally makes it’s dream of going everywhere true. Google is pushing the new OS to Cars, Wearables and TVs in a bid to make sure that whatever you do, you’re watching Android, sleeping Android, eating Android, using Android, driving Android, meeting Android and possibly loving Android.

Android L release date

Android L will be released on ….


Wait …



Wait for it …



Unfortuntaely there is no word from Google about the official release date but developers are said to be expecting to receive it SOON.!!