Google Plus statistics

Do you have a Google Plus account for your brand? If not, see why you might need to get it today.

A Forrester Research analyst says marketers will be crazy to ignore Google Plus in marketing their brand. Nate Elliot who carried out his analysis based on 60,000 adults in the United States claims that 22% of those adults had visited Google Plus within the last month.

“That’s the same number who told us they use Twitter, and more than told us they use LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Instagram,” Elliott wrote.

Elliot indicates that you can build a real follower base on the search engine’s giant social network. According to his report, top brands have collected 90% as many fans on Google Plus as on Twitter.

Elliot continues, “In fact, the brands we studied have more followers on Google Plus than on YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram combined.”

On studying 3 million user interactions with more 2,500 brand posts, he found that Plus receives as much interaction as Facebook, and twice as much interaction as Twitter.

If you’re not actively marketing on Google Plus, it’s time to start.