Google Street View car involved in three crashes in Indonesia.


The Google street view car is one that is designed to record everything it sees. Moreover, this particular Google Street View car was reported to have been in a crash and then tried to flee from the scene, an act that resulted in two more crashes.

The blame for all this lies in the hands of the driver. This kind of errors should not exist in this century, let alone by a person driving a company car.

The incident occurred on Wednesday on the outskirts of Jakarta in the Bogor region. The Driver hit a minivan. At this point, the driver stopped and negotiated with the driver of the minivan. They later drove off to a repair garage, but on realizing the cost of the whole kerfuffle, the Street View driver decided to flee in his damaged vehicle. The minivan driver followed him relentlessly in his own vehicle, for about 3Km before the Street View car hit another minivan.

Well the crazy driver didn’t stop there and continued to run, unfortunately what eventually stopped him was a parked truck, which he happened to collide with.

The images, which appeared online, show a panicked driver and the three crashes. The most extensive damage was to the Street View car’s bumper, with the windshield smashed in.


Vishnu Mahmud, Google’s head of communications for Indonesia was reported saying, “We take incidents like this very seriously”. “We’re working closely with local authorities to address the situation.”

Google engages Street View drives on contract basis and it’s stipulated under the company policy that in the event of an accident, they should do the responsible thing and stop.


Featured images courtesy of creativecommons.org