Google takes yet another step towards the safety of user data.

This week proved to be key in the fight to protect user data against prying eyes (the NSA), as Google launches a Chrome add-on called End-to-End.

The intention is to keep your data encrypted from the time it leaves your browser all the way to the delivery point.  Obviously aimed at those who feel the need to further protect their data, further than the relatively new Gmail encryption features.

The online giant is not taking any chances with this new tool, first it’s releasing the source code to the public hoping that the more savvy users will go at it. This is through their bug bounty program where the idea is to have researchers take shots at the code with the aim of finding errors. The program provides financial incentives for the activity.

Once the product is done, Google promises to place it in the Chrome web store as a free extension.

More on the same, Google recently (in March) updated the safety on Gmail by reducing it to HTTPS-only, effectively locking out the more insecure HTTP connections.

These new changes make Google the industry leader, taking into account the fact that not many of their competitors provide the same.

In support of their initiative, Google was  keen to  point out that in recent months, the amount of unencrypted messages has significantly dropped. Attesting this to the move by other email service providers taking up the security enhancement initiative.