Is Google+ trying to reinvent the photo album?

Google’s very own social site may not be the best, at times it feels like a whitewashed version of Facebook. Nevertheless, the web giant has been keen to compensate for the lack of oomph with a photo service that tells it all. I mean Google is ensuring that that all the photos you take actually mean something, with the launch of Google+ Stories.

This new feature comes in to add to the already strong auto-backup and auto-enhance features that were already present on Google+. The feature analyzes photos you upload to Google+ or Drive and automatically puts together a story of some kind of day-to-day timeline of photos, GIFs, videos among other content. All this meant to give the give the implied story substance, a kind of representation of all the important moments in your life that you saw fit to capture as a photo.

Well Google officials claim that Stories is an improvement from the old photo album (which they term as stale). This improved album is meant to feel like a printed photo book that comes to life with some impressive features. One feature that I really like, landmark recognition, which scans and identifies building, statues, or natural phenomena like the Grand Canyon.