Google Helpouts

Google’s Helpouts feature lets you chat with doctor when you search for symptoms

Google is testing a feature that will allow you to chat with a doctor live when you search for symptoms related to any illness. The feature which has apparently been experienced by one reddit user will be rolled out in Google Helpouts. Google Helpouts allows you to meet people who might know more about what you searched for, who eventually chat with you via video to assist you on the topic.

Apparently, according to Engadget, Google has said that they are indeed working to get the medical help feature out. This will assist users who search for symptoms to illnesses and end up misdiagnosing themselves. Finally, you won’t just get those symptoms, you will actually get to meet a doctor who will advise you on the next step forward and how to follow through with treatment.

If this feature actually comes to fruition it will be a breakthrough for search, which has not been so helpful wen it comes to the medical world considering that treatments and diagnosis are still heavily localized. This will be a good addition to Google’s expert-chatting feature known as Helpouts which was specifically launched to enable you to learn how to cook a certain recipe, or play a certain game or do anything by chatting with an expert in the field.

The reddit user who experienced the feature first hand was searching for “knee pain” on his Android device when Google suddenly offered him an option to “Talk with a doctor now” through video chat.