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Hackers use refrigerator to launch cyber-attacks. - Techpurge Hackers use refrigerator to launch cyber-attacks. - Techpurge

Hackers use refrigerator to launch cyber-attacks.

This just happens to be the first proven cyber-attack of its kind, using a refrigerator that is.  A California security firm, Proofpoint, reports that the home appliances were infected by a huge “botnet” for over two weeks starting December 23.

Hackers penetrated home-network routers, televisions, multimedia centers and one refrigerator, creating a platform to launch malicious spam emails.

Appliances have less security compared to PCs or tablets, making them an attractive target for hackers.

Reports say that the malicious emails sent were in bursts of 100,000, three times a day, targeting both individuals and organizations worldwide. The same reports continue to say that a quarter of the emails sent were by systems that were not conventional laptops, desktops or mobile devices.

I guess it’s no secret that most of these devices have little or no protection at all, not to mention no way of detecting or fixing the infections once they have occurred.