Hilton to let users open room with smartphone instead of keys

Hilton to ditch keys letting you open your hotel room from your smartphone

Hilton will allow guests to use their smartphones to control their stay all round the 4,000 Hilton hotels in the world. According to the new initiative, using your Android or iOS device you could be able to control virtually all aspects of your stay. A Hilton mobile application will let you choose your preferred room, make special requests, check in and check out.

The application which will be launched later this year will be the  first step towards ditching keys in Hilton hotels. But that will come later. To start you shall only have to speak to the staff when you are picking or returning your keys, but come 2015, even that won’t be there anymore. Your phone will unlock your room by the a tap on the mobile app.

The new system will be rolled out for quite a while but all Hilton hotels will have it by the end of the year. If you are the ideal traveler, i guess this gives you more sleeping time and less waiting time on the line to be given keys or to request for services.