Ten Proven ways to improve your Android Battery Life

I keep saying all the time, “I wish all phones had Nokia batteries”. Well, let’s admit it, Android phones have poor batteries, I won’t even talk about iPhone battery yet, at least not today. That’s in respect to the newly launched iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Android batteries are poor and pathetic. However, there are various tips you can use to increase the functionality of your battery. The tips i will provide below will increase your android battery life by about 2 to 3 hours from what you usually have. These are tested methods.

1. What’s using a lot of power in your Android phone?

You can find this out from the settings options. By going to the Power management option and selecting battery in your phone settings, your phone will tell you what has been using most of your battery. Most of the time it is the display or screen that tends to use almost 60%-70% of your phone battery.

2. Dealing with your phone’s display

Your phone’s display, being the one that takes up the larger chunk of your android battery life, you will have to do the best optimization to reduce the amount of power your display uses. One such way is by reducing the screen brightness. By reducing the screen brightness, you are going to save upto one and a half hours stand-by time for your battery. Navigate to the settings option. Select the display option and reduce your phone’s brightness to an appropriate percentage that is good for your eyes and good for the android battery too.

3. Reduce Screen timeout

When your phone is not in use, how long does it take before the display actually goes off? We recommend that your phone stays only 1 minute or at least 30 seconds without being used before it shuts down the display. By reducing the screen timeout, you save more battery for your Android phone. This way, your android battery will survive longer than normal.

4. Disable animations

Our phones come with animations in several areas. For instance, if you buy your Android device and realize that every time you open an application or visit the settings options, the apps/settings always open in animated fashion, you need to disable those animations via settings. Animations eat up your android battery and impact to its short life span.

5. Download Juice Defender

Of all the android battery saving mobile apps we have tried, none stands out like Juice Defender. This mobile app enables you to customize how you want the app to manage the battery for you. Also, if you are not good at customizing your mobile phone and too much mobile app tweaking, you can select either the balanced or aggressive options which are pre-determined settings used to improve your android battery life. We recommend that once you have installed Juice Defender, choose the aggressive option. This option generally saves your battery for longer than the balanced option. However, it’s called aggressive mainly because it ensures that your dying battery lasts as much as possible. When you battery hits the ‘below threshold’ (15%), the app switches off all internet activities hence saving your android battery for longer than usual during its dying moments.

6. Charge your battery to full at least twice a week

We have realized and indeed further reports online from battery experts indicate that charging your phone to full at least twice a week increases the android battery life. So try much as you can to charge your phone to full without taking it off the power even for once at least two times in a week. This will improve the battery life in small bits.

7. Managing your networks

To improve your android battery life you need to take care of your networks. The Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G networks eat up your android battery big time. Always ensure that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned off when you are not using them. Also, unless it’s very necessary, try to use the 2G network rather than the 3G network while using your mobile data. 2G networks save your android battery insurmountably increasing the life of your battery.

8. Disable GPS

GPS detects locations and provides this data to your other mobile apps like Facebook and Twitter. By disabling GPS when you don’t need it which happens to be most of the time, then you end up saving a lot of battery for your phone. Leaving this option enabled for your android device actually leads to battery drainage. Every time you use Facebook, or Twitter for example, this GPS enabled option will pinpoint your location and provide the data to your Facebook or Twitter which will update subsequently. This action eats up huge amounts of your battery juice.

9. Use Dark themes

If you are using an android mobile phone that uses the AMOLED screen, or OLED screens which happens to be most Samsung devices, we recommend that you use the dark themes for your mobile phone. A bright theme consists of bright pixels that use you phone power to stay bright and lit; hence, each of these pixels for bright themes uses the battery a lot. Eventually, battery drainage is high. A dark theme contains dark pixels that do not require to be lit hence do not use any power from your phone. This increases your battery life by great margins.

10. Disable Automatic accounts syncing

If there are accounts that are enabled to allow automatic syncing, then you need to disable these too. You can sync the accounts manually only when you need to use them. This ensures that there are no background apps running, and furthermore, no internet activities run in the background. Your phone battery can really get drained if you use the automatic accounts and sync option.

We hope you benefit from these tips. If you have any more suggestions or opinions, please let us know via the comments section.

Featured image courtesy of Flickr, Kārlis Dambrāns