Interact with notifications on your lock screen – GoogleIO2014

Not that notifications really needed an upgrade because as far as we have come, KitKat handles notifications very superbly. However, with Google there is always room for improvement. The latest is that you can interact with your notifications right from your lock screen. The new update enables you to swipe the notifications away or double tap on them to take you to the relevant app. The only change here really is the fact that you can do this without unlocking your screen.

The genius bit though is that, contrary to how notifications are arranged chronologically in the current Android versions, the upgrade now arranges these notifications depending on the relevance and importance. Also, for those very important notifications, Google has introduced the pop-up interactive feature. If you are doing a task, a pop-up will display in case you have any notification, you can choose to give the notification your attention or you can dismiss it and continue playing your game or whatever it is you were doing with you device.