iphone 5C

iPhone 5C causes second-degree burns to teenager when it burst into flames in her pocket

An iPhone 5C burst into flames in the pocket’s of a 14-year-old girl while she sat in class causing her to suffer second-degree burns. Thanks to her classmates, when the teenage girl discovered that her pants were on fire, they helped her put the fire out. According to the Principal, Jeff Rodman, the fire was caused by her mobile phone in a manner that has not been understood yet.

A group of girls gathered around the student as they helped her take off her clothes after the boys were ushered out of the classroom. The girl’s mother, Judy Milligan, is reported to have given her daughter the iPhone 5C two months ago. Judy said she was shocked when the school called her to tell her what had happened. The teenager was said to be calm and keen to return to school after the ordeal.

A picture of the burnt iPhone 5C below shows how the phone is blackened and broken after the fire.

The burnt iPhone 5C

There have been a few cases of the iPhones bursting into flames or overheating when they were charging. However, there has not been any official communication from Apple regarding these occurrences but the fact remains that someone has to get to the bottom of this. It’s a very dangerous ordeal and we cannot stop to imagine what would have happened if the iPhone had caught fire in the absence of people to help this girl out.