iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S ad shows the iPhone inventing how we work

Apple may be on the brink of launching a new iPhone  but the company has not forgotten about the iPhone 5S as shown in their latest ad. Apple’s commercial shows how the iPhone affects our daily lives by innovating the way we work.

The commercial which has simply been titled “Dreams” is a high production video with value taking us through situations in which firemen, a pilot, weather researchers, a jeweler, policemen, a veterinary officer and a painter use the iPhone to do everything in their careers which includes taking environmental readings, pinpointing the location of an emergency, getting medical data, etc.

This new ad may also be a way to stir up more interest in the iPhone 5S due to rumors claiming that the next iPhone will probably be launched in October rather than September as earlier thought. Watch the video below for more on the awesomeness of the iPhone 5S. Also, Apple has documented all the apps used by the people in the commercial so if you need to check them out just click here.